Spotlight: Institute for Cochlear Implant Training



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Gaviota Gaviota 2 years ago

It's hard to fathom being ieussd this ultimatum. Would you rather hear properly or relinquish the culture you've grown accustomed to? I'm not sure which option I would be able to choose. The gift of hearing is exactly that, a gift. It is a blessing in every aspect and although there are times when people wish they could tune out certain things or ignore certain people, we must remember to be grateful we can even hear at all. However, I've never been a fan of change, and one this monumental would certainly throw me for a loop. Technology has the power to alter any culture. As the author of this post stated, people might expect new things from the deaf community with their new capabilities. If children fail to learn sign language there would be a major disconnect within the deaf culture. The young and old would be unable to communicate with one another. Others cultures might also expect more of a universal understanding rather than recognizing the deaf communal struggles. For examples, with a technology such as this, schools across the country might refuse to supply translators for deaf students at school assemblies and other functions. I think a technology such as this is a dream come true for those who have always longed to hear properly. But it could also stir the pot, causing greater issues to arise. The real question to ask is do the cons outweigh the pros? Is it really worth sacrificing a cultural understanding for the wanted sense of hearing? As outsiders, it is hard for us to answer these questions. We must put ourselves in other peoples' shoes and try to imagine the daily struggles this community is faced with.