Advanced Audiology Course

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The AAC challenges both developing and practicing audiologists who wish to fine tune their clinical skills and improve care for their patients. It reviews latest concepts in signal processing, programming skills, evoked potentials, SSD, electro-acoustic programming, and management of those with challenging etiologies and special needs.

This Course includes 10 weeks of online curriculum and web discussions culminating in a hands on Advanced Programming Practicum.  Each week participants watch (anytime) a pre-recorded lecture, access a monitored discussion board and complete a short assessment before the interactive online web class.  The hands-on practicum highlights case studies and practical applications led by distinguished researchers and clinicians in the field. Previous experience programming cochlear implants will maximize gain from this course.  A certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the training program. 



Course Description

Online Didactic Training

10 weekly modules hosted on Blackboard MoodleRooms

  • Pre-recorded video lecture introduces module content (90 min each) to view at your convenience

  • Suggested reading materials supplement learning concepts

  • Discussion Board posts facilitate networking and interaction with participants and instructors

  • Knowledge assessment review major concepts

10 weekly live web classes hosted on Blackboard Collaborate

  • 60 minute interactive classes, one evening per week

  • Recorded for later viewing, if necessary

  • Facilitated by leading Audiologists and researchers in cochlear implantation

  • Review and emphasize major points, case discussions and Q&A

Hands-On Advanced Programming Practicum

Following completion of the online coursework, participants will take part in a 1.5 day hands-on Advanced Programming Practicum, hosted at a leading CI Center.  Audiologists will have the opportunity to refine and develop new skills in programming and troubleshooting devices utilizing all CI softwares clinically available.  Case studies will be utilized to exemplify clinically relevant concepts presented throughout the course.




Up to 3.5 ASHA/AAA CEUs available


$400 + Cost of Travel and Lodging


Previous experience programming cochlear implants is a prerequisite for this course. Applicants must be able to participate in both the online course and Advanced Programming Practicum.


Course Sponsors

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Training Topics


Online Curriculum modules

  1. Expanded Candidacy

  2. Processing Strategies

  3. Medical Assessment

  4. Electrophysiologic Testing

  5. CI Mapping Parameters

  6. Candidacy Determination

  7. Evaluating Performance

  8. Etiologies and Additional Disabilities

  9. Electro-Acoustic and Bimodal fittings

  10. Auditory Brainstem Implants

  11. Single Sided Deafness

  12. Clinic Efficiency

Advanced Programming Practicum

  • Advanced Programming Parameter Software Overview

  • Case Studies highlighting troubleshooting procedures

  • Q&A led by research and clinical experts



Advanced Audiology Course Program Instructors



Teresa A. Zwolan, PhD


Professor and Director
Cochlear Implant Program
Department of Otolaryngology  
University of Michigan