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Education and training opportunities for cochlear implant professionals to optimize outcomes in patient care

ICIT Advanced Surgeons' Course

August 2- Nov 9, 2018
January 3- April 14, 2019

Advanced Audiology CI (AAC) Course: August-October 2018

Featuring a 10 week online web class and a Hands-on Advanced Programming Workshop
If interested, Email your CV and application to hstrader@CochlearImplantTraining.com

“The ICIT course is an outstanding opportunity for surgeons seeking to start a cochlear implant program or to take their skills and knowledge to a higher level."

Pursuing Excellence in Cochlear Implantation

ICIT is a non-profit organization entirely dedicated to providing in-depth knowledge and expertise in cochlear implantation. Time and space for learning is greatly expanded by combining 3-month online didactic courses with hands-on laboratory training.

ICIT uses Blackboard with video lectures, live web classes, knowledge assessments, all taught by renowned experts in the field.

Advanced CI Surgeons' Training Course

The surgeons’ course is focused on advanced techniques of device fixation and hearing preservation. It is designed to provide a depth of knowledge including candidacy, Deaf culture, ethical considerations, electronics, signal processing, CI audiology for the surgeon, and advanced techniques of adaptive cochleostomy and electrode insertion.

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Registered participants may access the online ICIT course here.

Advanced Audiology CI Course

The AAC is taught by highly distinguished instructors and is designed to challenge both developing and practicing cochlear implant audiologists.